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The Exposed – Issue 02
No. 2

Issue no. 2

Searching for Utopia

The Exposed – Issue 02

The second issue of the Exposed Magazine tells the story about a place that does not exist. A place where energy is green, where minorities and majorities live peacefully side by side, where explorers rediscover planet Earth, where religion has no price, and where history does not repeat itself. Through the lenses of six young photographers we invite you on a hopeful journey; Searching for Utopia.

The Exposed offers a different kind of reading experience, exploring the possibilities of how the physical world can interact with the digital. Inside the magazine you can scan images that are marked by the ear or eye icon and trigger scenes from around the world; artist introductions, field recordings, and archival materials.

The Exposed – Issue 02

Download The Exposed app on iTunes App Store and access the audio and video content via the images inside the magazine. For non-iOS users, the digital content can be found on The Exposed: Searching for Utopia subpage.


Etienne Malapert, Switzerland
Alia Ali, United States
Matthew Broadhead, United Kingdom
Louis De Belle, Italy
Vera Laponkina, Russia
Alla Afonina, Russia

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