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The Exposed – Issue 02
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The Exposed – Issue 01

The inaugural issue of The Exposed Magazine features five young artists on a journey. Photographers investigating past and present events relating to their cultural identity. Our contributors are telling stories that go beyond still photography, interconnecting it with sound, video, sculpture and archival materials.

With this first issue, we are focusing on mediating a direct connection between the reader and artist. Guiding you through their stories, the artist’s voice pulls you closer to their subjects and themes explored. The first spread of each of the five stories holds an introduction recorded by the artist, discussing the main themes and working method’s implemented. These introductions are purely audio, making it possible for the reader to listen while viewing the series.

The Exposed – Issue 01

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Adam Golfer, United States
Aladin Boriolo, Switzerland
Fan Shi San, China
Laurence Rasti, Switzerland
Margo Ovcharenko, Russia

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